Getting There

Located in the southern part of Rajasthan, bordering Gujrat, it is most easily accessed by road and rail. The nearest train station is Abu Road train station which is 21 kms away, situated at the foot of the mountains. It is directly connected by trains between Mumbai (Bombay) and Delhi, therefore no change of train is necessary. The nearest airports are Ahmadabad ( 240 kms ) and Udaipur ( 210 kms ). The drive to Mount Abu from these airports is smooth and comfortable if you choose flying as your option.


Situated at an altitude of approximately 4000 ft in the Aravali mountain range, the terrain is rocky and mountainous. The highest point in Rajasthan is Guru Shikhar which is just a short distance away from the town and provides a magnificent view of the entire region. A camera is a must.


Due to the altitude the climate is almost always dry. The summer months tend to be pleasant and are a complete opposite from the scorching temperatures that exist in other parts of the region. The afternoons may get a bit warm but the evenings and nights are most refreshing. This is soon followed by the monsoon season which brings with it a magical festivity that breaths new life in the flora and fauna, providing much needed relief from the effects of summer. A perfect time to visit if you feel like watching the rainfall with a good book and some hot tea. The winter has its own charm. The air is crisp and invigorating and is great for those long walks that one plans on taking. The days are lovely; the sun on your back is most soothing. The nights are cold and sometimes, the night temperature could dip below freezing. Therefore appropriate winter clothing is a must. Drinks and kebabs around a bonfire are suggested and are a great way to spend an evening.


The National language is Hindi, which is spoken in most parts of India. Due to our colonial past, English is also spoken throughout the country. The local language is a dialect of Rajasthani, unique to the region.


The Indian Rupee is the national currency and is accepted everywhere. However, foreign currency is accepted at our property and at certain other establishments. Those who wish to exchange money may do so as we have a foreign exchange service.
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