It would not do justice to sum up briefly the mix of tangible and intangible experiences, they are best experienced by oneself. However, one can expect to fully experience the peace and tranquility of the property with a profusion of nature to refresh the senses. It should be fun to discover the many nooks and corners in the extensive property, one's own private hide away if you will. We would like our guests to come away feeling spoilt and pampered, like royalty so that they keep longing for more. time and again.

Mt. Abu & Surrounding Areas

The hill station is a very quaint resort town patronised by the British who were very instrumental in laying down the plans for its development which were responsible for its present day form. Home to summer residences of many erstwhile rulers still, it manages to retain that old colonial charm. Historically Mt. Abu dates back many, many centuries with respect to the various dynasties that ruled the region, each leaving their own indelible mark. The famous Delwara temples are an exquisite expression of temple architecture, made of marble, is the stronghold of the Jain faith. Within walking distance from the property, are a must to visit. A picnic at Trevor's tank, a wildlife park, can be arranged on prior request and would be interesting to visit. If one is lucky, a bear or panther may be spotted. The crocodiles in the tank are also interesting to look at. For the religious, a visit to the famed Ambaji temple in Ambaji town, just across the border in Gujarat is an hour's drive away and can easily be done providing the temple timings are adhered to.
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